100% Vegan Meals, Snacks and Desserts

Red Bean Burger - 4 Pack (Cold salad shown NOT included)


Our incredible red bean burgers, in a 4 pack!  These have a great salty punch to them (thanks Kalamata olives) and we recommend lightly frying them in a pan in some oil of choice, or popping in the oven for about 10 minutes at 325, then adding them to a beautiful bun and using your favorite toppings.  If you order individual meals from us, these are NOT as large as the ones we give in single portions...these are made to fit burger buns.  Order some sides from our bulk selections to make yourself a complete meal!

Ingredients:  Organic kidney beans, organic potatoes, organic tomato paste, organic red bell pepper, organic balsamic vinegar, organic Dijon mustard, organic green onions, organic fresh parsley, oregano, Kalamata olives, organic rolled oats, ground black pepper, sea salt, organic extra virgin olive oil.