We are CLOSED as we move into our new location! Thank you!

Here's a run down on how ordering with Yummvees works:

****We only operate and deliver within the Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas (20 mile radius).  If you are further than that, and have a large order, please email us at orders@yummvees.com to see if we can accommodate your needs!

****There is a $20.00 minimum order requirement.  All orders are delivered to you (we would love to see your face at our place, but due to zoning/planning laws, customers cannot come to our kitchen and pick up orders.). 

1.  For the weekly individual meals and desserts:  Individual portioned meals/desserts will show on our website no later than 10 pm on Mondays.  We accept orders until Thursday at 8:00pm for meals to be delivered to you either that Sunday evening after 5pm, or Monday (that way, you have your goodies for the week to take to work, for quick and easy meals, etc, :). We will reach out to you via email for your preferred delivery time and location, and will use that as your preferred information for future orders unless you inform us otherwise.  Be sure to put as your "shipping address" upon checkout, as the address where you want your order delivered.  We can bring your order to your home or work!  Our meals change weekly, so be sure to check our website every week!  We also will post on social media each week when meals are ready to be ordered.  Meals will be removed from our site every Thursday at 8:05 pm, so be sure to get your weekly order in before the meals disappear! :).  All meals are labeled with ingredients and allergens on our website, and on the label attached to the meal itself, so please review carefully.  All meals are meant to be consumed within a 5 day period, unless otherwise noted on the meal labeling, and every meal is made for easy reheating (warm in microwave with lid ajar, transfer to oven safe dish and warm...etc.).  If you have a food allergy, PLEASE, let us know in advance.  We are NOT a Gluten Free kitchen.

2.  For the ORDER ANYTIME desserts, snacks, bulk sides and family sized meals:  Have your order to us by noon any day of the week (YES, even weekends!!!), and we can have your items delivered to you by 3:00pm the next day.  As with all orders, there is a $15 minimum.   (You can freeze many of our items by the way...save them for later!).  If you are placing a very large order, or need something for a special occasion (example....100 cupcakes), we may need an additional time....we will let you know when we receive your order, or you can call us at 804-591-8697 to discuss your needs.  Also, feel free to email any requests to us at:  orders@yummvees.com.  Contact us after placing your order (via phone or email) if you have any special requests about Buttercream colors.  We can make your buttercream burst with color!  Blue, yellow, red, pink...etc., or a combination of two! 

3.  Eat. Enjoy.  Tell your family, your friends, everyone on facebook.....you get my picture.  We appreciate the support, and while we hope to one day expand, right now we are serving areas that are within a 20 mile radius of Richmond, VA.  If you are worried that we can't get to you...check with us first.  We may be able to :).  Email or call us!

4.  Sign up on the site for emails from us and check your emails periodically!  We will email coupons, specials, or maybe just a quick "thank you for supporting us" email.  But I promise....we won't send you a thousand emails per week.  Soooo....be sure to "like" us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram, and keep up to date with us on Twitter for all the action (yes, food can be very exciting).  We will be adding many new products as time goes on....stay up to date!

5.  We try to use as many organic ingredients as possible (you will see this in the ingredients under each product, and each product is labeled as well).  My goal here is to offer the best of both worlds.  Good for you meals, the occasional "treat meals", a variety of foods, and indulgent treats for special occasions.  It's all about balance, and we really want to offer that.  Have a chocolate craving but don't eat flours?  Try the raw brownie.  Have a birthday party and don't feel like making cupcakes?  We can do it for you.  We offer items for everyone.  That was the goal, and hopefully, if you have never tried vegan/plant based products before, you will be surprised at how a vegan cupcake, can taste just like a dairy based cupcake :).  We are a licensed caterer, so if you have any special needs (work office party, need a dish to take for a potluck, etc. etc.), give us a call/shoot us an email.  We do customized orders too!  Large gatherings aren't our thing right now (weddings, etc.), but we certainly can provide food for a small dinner party if need be.  Call/email us to discuss your needs, and we will let you know if we can help.

6.  We may have to substitute an ingredients here and there, but it will never be one that is an allergen!  We may only need to swap an occasional vegetable, for example, if we are unhappy with the quality of a vegetable that we received, it is not in season, etc.  This rarely happens, but sometimes....we may just receive something that is not of our standards.  So, we find a compromise that fits well with the recipe :).

7.  Each month, we choose an organization to support through donating a portion of our profits, and highlight them on our home page.  These organizations will typically be non-profits that support bereaved parents (see the "our story" tab at the bottom of our website) , animal sanctuaries, rescue groups, organizations working towards building better lives for our children, or even individuals that need support.  If you have any suggestions, please...email us at tracy@yummvees.com.  We always are looking to help local organizations that are doing good for those in need...both humans, and animals :).