100% Vegan Meals, Snacks and Desserts

I love food, and, I have a deep respect for animals.  It's almost that simple.  Maybe you are vegan, vegetarian, looking to try new foods, or have another reason why you enjoy eating the deliciousness of plant based foods, but we are here for everyone.  Every day, we are so lucky to be able to produce cruelty free, indulgent foods for everybody to enjoy.  All the while, keeping our animal friends safe and sound.  :).  Be kind to all living beings, be kind to yourself, and please.....enjoy every last morsel of our food.  xoxo.

We are permitted by both the Department of Agriculture (for our Bakery side), and the VA Department of Health (for our Catering side). 

We also would like to support bereaved parents.  Losing our son at birth, has caused us to seek to help others.  If you know of a family that recently experienced child loss (at any age...miscarriage, stillbirth, infancy, due to SIDS, etc.), and would like to send them some meals from us, please email us at orders@yummvees.com.  We would love to provide, free of charge, help to those who are on this journey, as we are.  We can only work with those in the Richmond, VA area at this time.  Hugs, to anyone who has experienced the loss of a child.